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Cannon Storage Systems, Inc.
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We at Cannon Storage Systems, Inc. understand that our visitors are concerned about their privacy and the security of their personal information they may submit on our web site. Below is a summary of our policies regarding personal information and customer privacy.

Our Privacy Policy

General Privacy Statement
Cannon Storage Systems, Inc. does not release any information we acquire about visitors to our web site to anyone. This information is obtained for our records only.

User Information
Cannon Storage Systems, Inc. does ask for information such as email address and the state our visitors wish a quote for, upon entering our Design & Quote area. This information is needed to help us keep track of information entered so an accurate quote can be provided. Final pricing is affected by the imposed building code requirements of the area the visitor wishes a quote for. This information also appears on the visitor's online quote so they may print a copy for their records.

Email Addresses
Cannon Storage Systems, Inc. does not send unsolicited email. We will reply to email addresses we acquire if requested. For example if we receive an email concerning questions about our product or a request for a specialized quote.

Special Quote Requests and User Information
Special quotes require additional administrative and engineering time. We often have to contact users to clarify parts of their requests to save time.

Spam and Third-Party Promotions
Cannon Storage Systems, Inc. does not buy, rent or otherwise acquire lists of email addresses from outside sources to be used to generate sales leads. We also do not sell advertising space to other companies. We do not display banners, pop-ups, or other third-party promotions on our site. If such advertisements appear during a session on Cannonstorage.com, they are being generated by an outside source and are perhaps the result of cookies or spyware placed on the user's system by some other web site or software product.

Someone using our online Design & Quote system makes numerous choices that the system must remember and organize. To do this, we use session cookies (also called RAM cookies). These are small files that are temporarily stored in the memory cache of the user's web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.). When the browser is closed, all session cookies dissapear. they do not remain on the user's computers, and they cannot track user's movements or collect information about them once they leave our site. Cannon Storage Systems does not use disk cookies, which are files that are stored on the user's hard drives and remain there until deleted.

Log Files
We may log IP addresses and some HTTP header fields on our website in order to administer the site and to gather statistics (aggregate use). IP addresses and HTTP header fields are not linked to personally identifiable information. We use log files on our proxy servers. Some data from the HTTP communication, going through our proxy servers, can be logged for short time periods for technical purposes only. These data is in no way linked to personally identifiable information.
P.O. BOX 984
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