Exterior piers between doors are 16 ga. steel, 16" wide, 4" deep running from slab to roofline.


Exterior headers between doors and roofline are approximately 24" tall, 3-1/2" deep running from pier to pier. Material thickness is 16 ga. with the option of 18 ga. steel.


Interior frame will be on 5'x 10' grid system. Interior column will be 4" x 2-1/2" Z purlins for roof support. When units are larger than 10', framing members will be increased to building code requirements. Interior framing size will be (standard) 16-guage steel, depending on building code requirements and customer specifications.


Roof Pitch:

Standard roof pitch from 1/4" :12". Roof will be double or single slope depending on building width and project requirements.


Standard roof pitchs from 1/4":12", 1/2":12", 1":12", 2":12", 3":12". Custom roof pitches are available.


Eave Height:

Standard at 9 foot.


Available at 8'-6", 9'-6", 10' and two story buildings at 20'.


Interior Partitions:

Standard: 29 guage *Galvalume 'PBU' panel to be installed horizontally to within 4" of bottom of roof purlin and fastened to interior framing members 1 foot on center, lap screws will be on 20" centers.


Panels attach to piers and intersecting panels with a 2"x 2" angle.


Wall sheets terminate a maximum of 4" below bottom lip of purlins. Sheets will not be cut to follow roofline.


Wall sheets span a maximum of 5' between supporting members.


Available Partition Options:


26 guage *Galvalume.


*Galvalume is a registered trademark.


Exterior Sheeted Walls:

26 guage PBR panel & 26 gauge reverse run PBU panel ran vertically and attached to our framing. Panels will have a baked-on enamel finish applied at the factory of the color selected from our standard color chart.


Roof System:

3" tall 24 gauge *Galvalume standing seam roof (mechanically seamed) with concealed clips and fasteners. Roof is attached at eave with plated fasteners (Long Life).


*Galvalume is a registered trademark.


Available Roof Options:


26 or 24 gauge R panel screw down roof. 


Gutter, downspouts and rake trim are supplied in standard 26 guage baked-on color as selected from our standard color chart.

Downspouts will be installed a maximum 30' on center.



(Available per customer and job requirements)


Standard For Climate Control Buildings:

4" vinyl faced in climate control walls and at roofline.


Thicknesses Available

1-1/2" vapor barrier, 2", 3" ,4" and 6" vinyl faced or foil scrim faced insulation.



(Available per customer and job requirements)


Each 10' wide unit will receive one 8'-8" x 7'-0" roll up door.


Each 5' wide unit will receive one 3'-8" x 7'-0" roll up door.

(Width of doors depends on exterior layout and size of exterior piers and headers.)


Climate control and interior doors.

Each 10' wide unit will receive one 8'-0" x 7'-0" roll up door.


Each 5' wide unit will reveive one 3'-8" x 7'-0" roll up door.


Note: Doors will be manufactured by US Door or Janus International.


Design Loads:

Structural design will be per local building code. An Engineer licensed to practice in the state where buildings are located will seal drawings.